About Journey on the Fly

Passionate, Knowledgeable Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Guides

I am an avid fly fisherman. Above and beyond that I am a husband, father and a pursuer of truth, beauty and goodness. Fly fishing, as many of you know, has an amazing way of teaching us about living. Not only that, the fact that chasing trout always takes you into the most beautiful of places on God’s green earth.

This journey as a business started a few years ago as I pondered the value of increasing my knowledge and skills for a deeper reason than just self-satisfaction. I wanted to give what I had received. Thus, Journey on the Fly Guide Service was born in my heart and mind. At times we will be joined by my son (who is always asking how he can serve) and fellow guides as needed based on your group size. 

So, my approach is different than many. I think we are all guests in a trout stream. I simply act as the liaison between my guided guests and the inhabitants of the stream. At the very bottom, my modest goal, is to inspire others to find and pursue purpose. 

Remember, it’s the journey that makes us.

  • Master Watershed Steward
  • Fly Fishing Team USA member
  • Mentor at The Mayfly Project WV chapter
  • B.S. in Religion with a minor in Bible, Liberty University
  • 20 years of fishing experience
  • Creator of the Micro-Master Class on Fly Fishing
    **Currently under construction (Casting instructor and guide mentor program)
  • Cross the Divide PA coordinator