Cross the divide

One Of The Most Amazing Organizations I Know That Serves Our Service Women and Men

Cross The Divide is a 501(C)3 organization that equips our veterans and their families through faith-building events in the great outdoors. In our case, introducing the world of fly fishing to them.

Many of our Nation’s Warfighters struggle with the challenges of military service and reintegration back into civilian life. Cross The Divide provides veterans and their families opportunities to reconnect with nature and each other to experience wholeness and unity.

These services are offered free of charge to all our Warfighters. They include experiences such as backpacking trips, llama packing experiences, health and wellness seminars, hunting and fishing trips, and relationship-building opportunities.

A nationwide organization, I serve as east cost fly fishing partner. Please take a moment to learn more about this incredible organization and the lives that they impact and consider helping – by either volunteering, donating, or refereing a veteran to us to take out. 

Cross the Divide wasn’t a mountaintop experience; it has surprisingly been the best new set of teammates that rally together in common goals and challenges of leadership, spiritual growth, and walking together in meaningful ways. The brotherhood bond is even stronger post-service, which is not what I had expected. Cross the Divide is what our Warfighters need, what their families deserve, and what their God and Country can give them. – Dan